Friday, March 7, 2008

The Treasure Seekers

The Treasure Seekers
by Patricia Hickman
Bethany House Publishers
11300 Hampshire Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55438
©1998 364pp Soft Cover
Ah, the romance novel. From what I was able to learn from English class, old girlfriends, buddy’s girlfriends/wives, and one episode of Remington Steele these books are filled with strange places, bawdy wenches, strong pretty boys, long pornographic sections, and evil creditors sometimes known as debt collectors. This formula has been used for generations to separate lonely girls from their money. Thus do the girls find a delightful escape and the publishing company gets money to squander on fully stocked liquor cabinets. The Treasure Seekers is not one of these books. Well it sort of is but it really is not. Figure on most of the description above but without the pornography, or the bawdiness. Sort of like a more readable version of Jane Austin’s books.
The Treasure Seekers is the fifth book in the Land of the Far Horizon series by Patricia Hickman. The novel concerns a young woman named Annie Carroway. As the book begins the heroine’s (naturally) poor widowed mother is (of course) in severe debt and so (as always) sells the family farm in England to her rich brother-in-law and moves to Australia. Upon arriving Annie finds a handsome young man in trouble with the law and they both must work together to get out of the mess they are in. The book is divided into parts. Part one is the set up. Part two people decide to get married. Part three they get married have a kid and hug; In that order. Patricia Hickman has been writing books for some time and is married to a minister.

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