Friday, March 21, 2008

Building on the Rock

Building on the Rock
by Joel R. Beeke, and Diana Kleyn
Reformation Heritage Books
2919 Leonard St., NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
©2000 157pp Soft Cover
Children like stories. Trust me they do. For this reason many children’s books have been written. The Christians are supposed to come to Jesus as little children so it is no surprise that there are vast numbers of Christian children’s stories out there. One of these books is Building on the Rock. The book is a collection of 31 stories written by two authors; Joel R. Beeke, and Diana Kleyn.
The stories are all short, easy to read, and easy to understand. The first story is about a young man who has grown bored with Christianity and goes off on a ship to find his fortune. He finds God instead and is quite embarrassed. These stories fill this fourth book in the Collection of Christian Stories for Children series. Building on the Rock is a good book for helping youngsters to understand their God and how to read. Children have to learn how to read somewhere, and while the King James Bible is a good place to hone those skills it is a little advanced for beginners.

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