Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pig in a Taxi & Other African Adventures

Pig in a Taxi & Other African Adventures
by Suzanne Crocker
Baker Books
PO Box 6287
Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6287
©2006 174pp Soft Cover
Everyone loves a good, cracked out, nonsensical African missionary story right? Well if you do not you should because they are awesome. However not everything involving missionaries is going to end with a revolution, a stolen roof, and fifteen random wild animals chasing the local tax collector. Most of the time missionaries live in a world of extreme culture shock and some Christian ministry work. Usually missionaries convert some of the people and confuse the rest.
These everyday tales of missionary life have oft been forgotten but have now been collected in Suzanne Crocker’s Pig in a Taxi & Other African Adventures. This book tells the tale of five missionary trips, the first began in 1989 and the last ended in 2005. Within Pig in a Taxi the author reveals her, and her husband’s, naivety about how missionary life would work. In the second story she mentions how even bathing, suddenly became a hardship that required careful thought. Each story is only a few pages long so this is not exactly hard reading. For those who have been missionaries this book may provide some flashbacks to those heady days. For those who are considering the call to witness to the people, Pig in a Taxi might reveal the dark secret of missionaries the world over. Teaching the gospel to people in another country is really hard. Do not let the cover fool you though. The Pig does not drive the taxi.

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