Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Be Transformed

Be Transformed
by John Murray Robinson
Rock House Way Press
PO Box 187
Brentwood, TN 37024
©2007 181pp Soft Cover
Today, entire sections of libraries and bookstores are devoted to self-help books. Such books deal with a wide variety of personal problems and unhappy readers consume them like the chocolate, liquor, and brunettes they are currently trying to be free of. The net result is that now self-help books are almost as much of a problem as drugs and the authors are little more than dealers. Be Transformed is one self-help book that tries to be different.
The back cover states that the author was a fanatical atheist until age 26. At this point he found God and discovered that many of his personal problems were just symptoms of his lack of spiritual fulfillment. In short he learned that girls and candy are good but not the whole point of existence. God and His love are the point, no matter what your old philosophy professors taught you.
Over the course of 11 chapters Murphy explains his own journey into Christianity and even touches on the subject that dare not speak its name. That subject being new Christian syndrome. An almost euphoric state of joy that comes from a superficial conversion that does not actually help with the root problems and makes the sufferer hard to be around.
Be Transformed provides honest testimony from a man who went through the entire process of living as an atheist, realizing he had a problem, finding God, realizing the he had not found God yet, and finally growing into a true and happy believer and worshipper.

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John said...

Thank you for you kind words about my book. Please make one correction on the listing. My name is John Robin Murphy.

I have also published a workbook that has been endorsed by many for its effectiveness in helping people transform their lives from the heart-side out.

It is exclusively available on my website.

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Thank you,

John Robin Murphy