Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Anonymous God

The Anonymous God
Edited by David L. Adams, and Ken Schurb
Concordia Publishing House
3358 S. Jefferson Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63118-3968
©2004 287pp Soft Cover
God and County. What is it? Is God Country? Is Country God? Find out today! The Anonymous God is a collection of essays on the subject of civil religion and American society. In other words, is the religion people practice the religion of the Bible or are they worshiping the United States and pretending it is the Christian way. The articles contained in Anonymous God claim that a good citizen must both worship the God of the Bible and pay respect to the United States. The line can blur however and Anonymous God discusses and explains this process.
Anonymous God contains eight essays on the subject of civil religion and attempts to analyze it from a historical context. The contributors, two of whom were the editors, are all university and seminary professors. These essays explore the various pillars that the United States was built upon. These pillars include the scriptures, ancient civilizations, and the influence, or lack thereof, of Deists.
The Anonymous God was written for the modern American. In a time of internal and international strife, many Americans are flocking to their nation’s banner. However, this has lead to mistaking that banner for the banner of God. This has resulted in confusion and antagonism between Christians about what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God. The Anonymous God could help shed some light on the problem.

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