Friday, March 7, 2008

Acts: An Ironside Expository Commentary

Acts: An Ironside Expository Commentary
by H.A. Ironside
Kregel Publications
PO Box 2607
Grand Rapids, MI 49501
©1920, 2007 367pp Hard Cover
Who loves Bible commentaries? Everyone does! That’s why H.A. Ironside wrote so many. So here for the reading pleasure of boys and girls of all ages is Acts: An Ironside Expository Commentary. This time our rascally writer has his hands full trying to cover the entire book of Acts in one volume! The commentary is 45 lectures long each one filled with valuable information on different segments of the book of Acts. In that particular book, Jesus appears just long enough to say goodbye to his followers and start them on the road to converting the whole world. So to fulfill His orders the boys pick a new disciple, Mathias, and they’re off to change the hearts of and minds of Romans and other furry animals.
For those of you already familiar with the works of H.A. Ironside it is more of the same serious commentary that you have come to expect. For those readers not familiar with him it is a serious commentary. So for the Christian who wants to study the Bible, this book can be an invaluable tool. For the Christian who is sick of “Christian novels” that look suspiciously like romance novels, Acts: An Ironside Expository Commentary is a breath of fresh air. For the Atheist who is randomly looking things up, the writings of Ironside might present the Bible in a way you never wanted. So read it and let it corrupt the innermost thoughts of that skeptical mind.

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