Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Charmed Life: The Spirituality of Potterworld

A Charmed Life: The Spirituality of Potterworld
by Francis Bridger
1540 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
©2002 164pp Soft Cover
Doubtless anyone reading this review is aware of and currently using the Internet. If you are that hip than you must also be aware of HARRY POTTER! Yep the little wizard that made an English woman into a really rich English woman. The stories have gotten enough attention over the years that they were doubtless going to be attacked and worshipped. Many Christians have said that the books encourage witchcraft, while many of the fans, known as Potheads, have violently disagreed. As the debate became more heated and civil wars were threatened the world over, one man stepped into the fray. That man was Francis Bridger.
Bridger wrote the book A Charmed Life: the Spirituality of Potterworld from an unusual perspective. He believed that whether J.K. Rowling intended it or not the Potter books are filled with good Christian values, and that the magic is mostly there as a sales gimmick. Now many Christians like the Harry Potter books but not too many of them were going to bother writing a book about the subject. It is for this reason that A Charmed Life becomes interesting. In a world where the number of books is increasing and the quality decreasing a nice fluffy book about a harmless topic is a welcome change. A Charmed Life is divided into six chapters on the subject of Christian symbolism in Harry Potter.

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