Monday, March 3, 2008

Jesus Our Lord

Jesus Our Lord
by John Phillips
Kregel Publications
PO Box 2607
Grand Rapids, MI 49501
©2007 299pp Soft Cover
Understanding our relationship with the Trinity in general and Jesus Christ in particular is surprisingly hard for many Christians, especially Americans. God is frequently relegated to an otherworldly grandfather, Jesus as our hippy buddy, and the Holy Ghost as the part of the Trinity who is just too hard to figure out.
People like to feel in charge of their lives and none more so than Americans. As the country that first really gave controlled anarchy a try, the United States is a nation of men and women who like to have a say in any given decision in the government. Noble classes are illegal and as such many people just do not understand that God is King no matter who you voted for. John Phillips’ book Jesus Our Lord tries to explain to modern readers that Jesus is our lord and must be obeyed. Not only that, but Phillips quite nicely tries to explain what a lord is to a society that has forcibly forgotten the concept. Not that Republican Democracy is wrong, but it serves as good temporal system of government, not a spiritual one.
Jesus Our Lord tries in 24 chapters to explain how Jesus is in charge and what that means our obligations to Him are. Examples of His office are given throughout the Bible beginning with the Old Testament prophecies of His coming. Over the course of the book Phillips gives his readers something to think about when they question biblical teachings that do not suite their own opinions.

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