Monday, March 24, 2008

The Accidental Voyage

The Accidental Voyage
by Douglas Bond
P&R Publishing Company
PO Box 817
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
©2005 257pp Soft Cover
The fourth book in the adventures of Mr. Pipes, Annie and Drew finds them going through Europe and finding the sources of many hymns written long ago. They do this because adventures are awesome and modern hymns are stupid. Seriously, there is no need to use the word praise 57 times in one song.
Bond’s book is fiction for younger readers and that serves not only to give them something to read, but it gives them something to read that involves Christianity and a subject that they would almost never learn about on their own: The sources of old Christian hymns. How many children do you know who would gladly look up information about old hymns? That’s right none. This book fills a necessary gap in the knowledge of their own culture and provides a welcome lack of the counter culture that will bombard them from about age two until the day they die.
The only down side I can think of in this book is that being a modern children’s adventure tale it will lack the shotgun blasts, escapes up vent shafts, car chases, and hissably nifty villains that did tend to fill the pages of adolescent fiction of the past. However it does contain good Christian values and information that your children would not look up on their own. So get your son and/or daughter this book and subversively educate them today!

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