Monday, February 25, 2008

Romans and Galatians: An Ironside Expository Commentary

Romans and Galatians: An Ironside Expository Commentary
by H.A. Ironside
Kregel Publications
PO Box 2607
Grand Rapids, MI 49501
©1920, 2006 239pp Hard Cover
For the more serious student of Christianity modern writings can be boring. They serve a useful purpose as far as religious study is concerned but are predominantly designed to introduce outsiders to the religion. To those who are already children of God this can get tedious. However, many of the older works on Christian subjects were written before the television could distract people with nonsensical, postmodern, randomness. As such, they tend to be a bit deeper and more what the solid Christian is looking for.
Ironside wrote a series of commentaries on books of the Bible. Romans and Galatians, for some obscure reason, actually deals with Paul’s Epistles to the people of Rome, and Galatia. The first half of the book concerns the much overanalyzed book of Romans. It is divided into three parts each part containing a series of lectures on the subjects presented in the book of Romans. The three parts contain guidance on how to use the information in Romans for Doctrinal, Dispensational, and Practical purposes. The Second half of the book is about Galatians and is formatted in almost exactly the same way. The biggest difference is that the three sections are about Personal, Doctrinal, and Practical ways to use the information.
Romans and Galatians is exactly what it looks like; a text book. It should be read not for the joy of reading, but by men and women who want a greater understanding of the biblical letters it covers and the Dispensational theology of Ironside’s day.

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