Wednesday, February 27, 2008

101 Most Puzzling Bible Verses

101 Most Puzzling Bible Verses: Insight into Frequently Misunderstood Scriptures
by Tim Demy & Gary Stewart
Harvest House Publishing
PO Box 1266
Weaton, IL 60189
©2006 217pp Soft Cover
The Bible is confusing. Really it is. I am not kidding, you can spend your whole life trying to figure it out and still be confused. Some verses are weirder than others. For this reason many atheists, scalawags, nerdowells, politicians, friends at school, teachers, pimps, district managers, and all manner of problem people have been allowed for years to misquote and abuse believers by “using scripture” against them. For this reason Demy and Stewart have come together to unleash a holy crusade against these il-informed villains, vagrants, yuppies, and puppets of Satan. Demy & Stewart have written a book called 101 Most Puzzling Bible Verses. In this marvelous tome they proceed to take mistranslated and misunderstood Bible verses and mistranslate, and misunderstand them in new and exciting ways!
Buy this book and get a fresh look at some of scripture’s most confounding moments. In Matthew it is stated to not judge lest ye be judged. Many twerps will use this as an excuse to key your car, shoot your sister, and then claim they cannot be touched. Read this book and find out what that phrase actually means! Or read the Bible and break the nose of the guy who just keyed you car. Either way you will go forward into the future a better person filled with the true light of God in your heart and the scriptures as your companion.

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